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Jessie J Covers “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” for New Make Up for Ever Campaign

ABC/Ida Mae AstuteJessie J is teaming up with Make Up for Ever for its new Artist lip and face collection. She’s kicking off the collab with a new music video, in which she covers the classic Frank Valli song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” while modeling different makeup looks.

“I enjoy revealing different parts of my personality in my look which makes Make Up for Ever such a great partner,” Jessie says in a statement. “The core of the brand is what I am about: creating characters to showcase who you are, exploring and expressing yourself in the way you want through makeup, colors and energy.”

She adds, “I definitely feel that my makeup reflects how I feel whether you want to do just a lip or a full blown smoky eye, your mood can be reflected in your make up and this is why LIFE IS A STAGE!”

The collection will be released throughout 2017.

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Mariah Carey Talks About “Coming from Nothing” in Docu-Series Sneak Peek

ABC/Randy HolmesGet ready to step into Mariah’s World. Mariah Carey’s new docu-series premieres on E! Sunday. In a new sneak peek, the singer talks about coming from nothing before hitting it big.

She opens up while sailing on a yacht with her nephew Shawn. “I think me and Shawn have a great relationship because we both understand what it’s like to literally come from nothing,” she says. “We did not grow up this way, people have to understand this.”

Mariah explains that her mother encouraged to sing at around four years old and she started doing demos when she 12. “I moved to Manhattan alone as a teenage girl,” she says. “It was an exciting time for me, even though I had nothing.”

She adds, “I lived, like, on a mattress on the floor. I was writing my songs and being a horrible waitress. My demo tape ended up at Sony and they signed it away.”

In another preview clip, she works on her tour set list with musical director Big Jim Wright.

Mariah’s World airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on E!

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John Legend Talks About Singles “Love Me Now” and “Right by You” from New Album, “Darkness and Light”

ABC/Paula LoboJohn Legend‘s fifth studio album, Darkness and Light, is now out everywhere, and two of its singles, “Love Me Now” and “Right By You,” have already connected with fans on a deep level.  

The award-winning vocalist tells ABC Radio’s GMA After Hours about the meaning behind the songs songs.  

Of “Love Me Now, John says, “The song’s about living life to the fullest, loving to the fullest, enjoying every moment that you have and knowing that the world has some uncertainty and some trouble and some pain. But if you hold the people you love close to you, you can get through it together.”

As for “Right by You,” which was written for his seven-month-old daughter Luna, the singer says that the song raises questions about what it means to be a parent, and in John’s case, a new father. 

“We wrote it before she was born, in fact. And it was kind of in anticipation of being a new father and kind of the uncertainty that comes with it and the questions that we all have about how’s your kid gonna turn out,” John begins.  

“How are you gonna be as a parent? Are you gonna influence them in the right way? So it’s kind of approaching all of that,” he adds. 

John says being a new father has been quite the experience so far, giving him a new outlook on parenting. 

“You’ve never done it and it’s a very humbling thing,” he says.  

“Because no matter how smart you think you are, or successful at other things you are, when you’re a parents, you’re brand new. It’s kind of very equalizing in a lot of ways because everybody has to go through that. And it humbles you.”  

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“Rocky”: Look Back at the Film on Its 40th Anniversary

United Artists/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Saturday, December 3, marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Rocky.

The 1976 film was made for around $1 million and ended up grossing $117 million domestically, taking home Best Picture at the Oscars the next year.  Not bad for Sylvester Stallone, a down-on-his-luck character actor with about $100 in the bank who wrote the movie in three days after watching a fight between Muhammad Ali and beleaguered brawler Chuck Wepner.

“I was watching the fight … and I said to myself, ‘Let’s talk about stifled ambition and broken dreams and people who sit on the curb looking at their dreams go down the drain,'” Stallone told The New York Times 40 years ago.

Studios wanted Rocky, but they didn’t want Stallone to headline the original underdog story. They offered him money, as much as $265,000 for just the script, yet he turned it down.

“I never would have sold it … I’d rather bury it in the backyard and let the caterpillars play Rocky. I would have hated myself for selling out,” he told The Times.

He finally got what he wanted though and put everything he and the crew had into the film.

“When we finally knew that Rocky was going to be made and I was going to play Rocky, I knew this wasn’t only my shot, this was my life. Everything had to be perfect. I was hard on the crew when we were shooting — they thought I was a miserable b****** — but I had to give the movie my best shot,” he told film critic Roger Ebert in 1976.

“People say Rocky is realistic, but I don’t want realism, I want romance,” Stallone told Ebert all those years back.

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Holy “Thwip” — Fans Buzzing About Description of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Footage

Marvel – 2016(SAN PAULO) — Although no footage has leaked, due to tight security, fans are buzzing about footage of Spider-Man: Homecoming that screened Friday at Brazil Comic-Con in San Paulo.

The snippet, said to be from the trailer that will first be seen officially running before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is being described by people who were there to witness it, including Ryan Penagos, the Vice President and Executive Editor, Marvel’s Digital Media Group, who tweeted about it. 

Tom Holland, introduced as Peter Parker/Spider Man in Captain America: Civil War, is said to be seen receiving a suitcase from Tony Stark’s bodyguard “Happy” Hogan, again played by Jon Favreau. 

The suitcase apparently contains another upgraded Spidey suit, courtesy of Robert Downey Jr.’s billionaire genius Stark/Iron Man, who appears in Homecoming, but apparently not the trailer.

The suit features a fan favorite feature — Spidey’s underarm “web wings,” which others report he’s seen using to fly through the air in an attack against The Vulture, the winged baddie played by Michael Keaton in the film. Penagos didn’t mention that, but allowed, “That classic underarm webbing look was just so rad.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming, which also stars Zendaya, Donald Glover, Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine, and Marisa Tomei, opens July 7, 2017.

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Vin Diesel Calls the Years without “Brother” Paul Walker the “Hardest of My Life”

Getty Images/Jonathan Leibson(SAO PAULO) — Vin Diesel says he is still reeling, nearly three years to the day since he lost his dear friend Paul Walker. Walker died in a fiery car crash in 2013, a passenger in a Porsche driven by friend Roger Rodas, who also perished.   

“The last three years have been some of the hardest of my life because of losing my brother like that,” Diesel told Entertainment Tonight about Walker.

In fact, he spoke to ET at Brazil Comic-Con and said being there felt wrong, being that, “both times that I’ve been here, I’ve always been with my brother, Pablo. It was a lot of tissues and it was a hard morning for me yesterday because I was here,” he said. 

“But the irony is the whole cast reached out and his daughter, Meadow, reached out and all that stuff helps you get through it.”

Diesel was in Brazil also promoting his new xXx movie, and said after finishing Furious 7 without Walker, this was a welcome change. Diesel had worked with Walker on the Furious franchise since it began 15 years ago.

“Never in my life did I need to do a movie where I could laugh and smile and enjoy myself more than right now, more than the time I made this movie,” he said.

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LeBron James Wears Chicago Cubs Uniform After Losing Bet

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images(CHICAGO) — LeBron James was a Chicago Cub fan…for one night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star wore a full Cubs uniform before his team’s game against the Chicago Bulls on Friday night after losing a World Series bet to Chicago-native and Bull Dwyane Wade.

The Cubs won the World Series against the Cleveland Indians 4-3 for the team’s first series title since 1908.

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Johnny Manziel Reaches Agreement to Dismiss Domestic Violence Charge

Tom Pennington/Getty Images(DALLAS) — Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has reached an agreement with prosecutors to dismiss a domestic violence charge against him, according to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutors, Brittany Dunn, said the Heisman-trophy winning football player will have to meet certain conditions for a  year before the misdemeanor charge is dismissed. Those conditions included enrolling in an anger management class, participating in a substance abuse program, and attending a domestic violence impact panel.

Manziel faced up to a year in prison and a $4,000 fine for allegedly hitting and threatening former girlfriend Colleen Crowley during a night out in January.

The deal, reached on Friday without Manziel present, forbids him from contacting Crowley. The 23-year-old former Texas A&M star is still under review for possibly violating the NFL’s domestic violence policy, which could result in a six-game suspension.

In a statement, Manziel’s lead attorney, Jim Darnell, told ABC News that his client is “pleased to be able to put this part of the situation behind him and is eager to satisfy the terms of the agreement.”

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No Indication of Hate Crime in Fatal Road Rage Shooting of Ex-NFL Player Joe McKnight

Allen Kee / ESPN(NEW ORLEANS) — The shooting that killed former NFL player Joe McKnight in Louisiana on Thursday is considered a road rage incident, not a hate crime, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Ronald Gasser, who allegedly admitted to fatally shooting McKnight, is cooperating with the ongoing investigation, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said Friday afternoon. Authorities released Gasser, 54, after questioning him overnight. There was no reason to continue holding Gasser, the sheriff’s office said.

The shooting happened Thursday afternoon near an intersection in Terrytown, which is about 5 miles south of New Orleans across the Mississippi River. When police arrived, they found 28-year-old McKnight suffering from multiple gunshot wounds; he died at the scene, the sheriff’s office said. The sheriff’s office said McKnight was not armed and there was no gun near his body.

Gasser stayed at the scene after the shooting, and was then taken into custody, the sheriff’s office said. He “relinquished his weapon to our officers,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said Thursday.

“We are interviewing a number of witnesses as well as Mr. Gasser,” Normand said.

The NAACP in New Orleans claimed Friday the football player, who is black, was lynched. Gasser is white.

The NAACP called on Kenneth Polite, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, to get involved, and urged witnesses to the shooting to come forward to the local FBI Civil Rights Division.

“We are demanding answers,” NAACP New Orleans President Morris Reed said Friday.

Normand said at a news conference Friday afternoon that “this isn’t about race.”

Normand revealed more details about the shooting, which he described as a road rage incident. Gasser was inside his car when he fired three shots at McKnight; three casings were located in Gasser’s vehicle, he said.

“We have no witness account of an apology being made by Mr. McKnight to Mr. Gasser,” Normand added.

Normand stressed Friday that the investigation is ongoing and said “external influences will not motivate this office .. as to how we are going to conduct this investigation.”

A grand jury or the district attorney will decide whether or not charges should be filed against Gasser, a sheriff’s office official told ABC News Friday morning.

Normand said many people in his office are close to the McKnight family.

A spokesperson for the McKnight family said in a statement that “the family is distressed, distraught. This tragedy is something that changes all of our lives so dramatically. We are in the process of trying to deal with the grief and what we need go through legally. We want to give Joe his just due.”

McKnight went to high school in Louisiana before he headed west for college in 2006, where he became a football star at the University of Southern California.

After USC, McKnight played for the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs.

McKnight’s death marks the second time an NFL player was shot and killed in a motorist incident in New Orleans this year. In April, former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was fatally shot while driving in New Orleans’s Lower Garden District.

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‘Nothing Short of a Miracle’: Tennessee Family ‘Stunned’ to Discover Home Untouched by Wildfires

Courtesy Abigail Terrazzino and Jeremy Terrazzino(GATLINBURG, Tenn.) — Amid news of death and destruction in Gatlinburg, Tennessee — one of the hardest hit areas by the wildfires this week — is one family’s story of hope.

Jeremy Terrazzino and his wife, Abigail Terrazzino, live in a neighborhood in Gatlinburg called Chalet Village.

When flames consumed their neighborhood Monday evening, they said they were fortuitously nearly a thousand miles away in New Jersey, visiting family as part of an extended Thanksgiving holiday.

Upon hearing news of the blaze, they immediately drove back to Tennessee, the couple told ABC News Friday. However, they had not been able to check in on their home until this morning, when officials allowed homeowners and renters back into the city to assess their properties.

Jeremy Terrazzino said what his family found was “nothing short of a miracle.”

“We didn’t know what to expect on the drive up to the mountain to our home,” he said. “All along the way we saw mansions, houses — all completely gone.”

But upon turning onto their road, Jeremy Terrazzino said he and his wife were “stunned” to discover that their home was left untouched by wildfires.

“It was a pretty moving experience,” he said. “You could see the ground and land was charred all the way up to the base of our house, but it just stopped right there.”

Jeremy Terrazzino added that discovering his home was spared from the fires wan’t the only miracle his family experienced this week.

He said that his parents — who stayed behind when he and his wife went to New Jersey during the past weekend — narrowly escaped the wildfires.

When he called to check in on them on Monday evening he said, “My mom was crying, saying she loved us and wasn’t sure if they were going to make it.”

Jeremy Terrazzino said that his parents — Joseph Terrazzino and Patricia Terrazzino — immediately got in their car and tried to drive down the mountain, but the fire had spread so fast and “completely blocked” them from getting down onto the main road below.

“I was obviously really scared,” he said. “I kept remembering this one saying that became my mantra, ‘Let your faith be bigger than your fear.'”

Joseph Terrazzino and Patricia Terrazzino eventually stopped in the parking lot of a clubhouse near the base of the mountain, their son said.

“There weren’t a lot of trees in the area and there was a pool there,” he said, “so they parked there — along with a few other cars — and rode the fire out.”

A fire rescue crew was able to help get them out early the following morning, Jeremy Terrazzino said.

“It’s been crazy, unbelievable,” he said. “We know that unfortunately, a few people didn’t make it and a lot of houses were lost as well. It’s heartbreaking and we send our deepest condolences and sympathies.”

Jeremy Terrazzino said he and his family are currently staying in a cabin and will be “playing it by ear,” in terms of next steps.

“It’ll certainly take some time to rebuild the whole community,” he said.

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22-Year-Old Woman Pulled Alive from Rubble in Sioux Falls Building Collapse

Sioux Falls Fire Department(SIOUX FALLS, S.D.) — A 22-year-old woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a building that collapsed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, according to local reports.

Around 10:30 a.m. local time, the Sioux Falls Fire Department posted a photo showing the collapsed building, saying firefighters were working “as rapidly and safely as possible” to locate two people trapped in the debris.

Three hours later, firefighters rescued the woman from the pile of rubble, ABC News affiliate KSFY-TV reported. The woman was wearing only a T-shirt as temperatures hovered around 32 degrees, but authorities said she was doing well, according to KSFY-TV.

After finding the woman, firefighters announced on Twitter that they were continuing to search for the second victim. The woman was an occupant of the building, while the second victim is a construction worker, KSFY-TV reported. 

The fire department said the building collapsed due to a construction-related incident and that the structure was still at risk. Power was shut down in the downtown area where the building was located. A photo posted to Twitter showed the firefighter carrying a husky that was pulled out of the rubble. The dog was rescued minutes before the woman was found, police said. 

The building had been vacant since September and was slated to reopen as a drug store next spring, KSFY-TV reported.

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Michael Slager Murder Trial: Jury Breaks for Weekend Without Verdict

Grace Beahm-Pool/Getty Images(NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.) — Jury deliberations in the state murder trial of former North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer Michael Slager, who was arrested for the shooting death of an unarmed black man, will resume Monday.

The jury said they were deadlocked twice Friday afternoon, and after the second time, they requested additional explanation of the law in an attempt to reach a unanimous decision. Ultimately, the jury ended up breaking for the weekend without a verdict.

Earlier Friday afternoon, the jury sent three notes to the judge, indicating their divisions and that specifically there was a single holdout.

The holdup comes at the end of Slager’s high-profile state murder trial. Slager, who is white, was accused of killing Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, at a traffic stop on April 4, 2015, in North Charleston while Slager was an officer with the city’s police department. Witness video that surfaced shortly after the deadly encounter appears to show the moment Slager fatally shot Scott as he ran away. The video garnered national attention, propelling Slager into the spotlight.

Slager had pleaded not guilty to murder. But as the trial concluded this week, the jury was also allowed to consider a voluntary manslaughter charge, officials told ABC News. The voluntary manslaughter charge was requested by the prosecution and the judge allowed it based on testimony he heard during the trial.

“The court must let the jury decide if the force used was reasonable,” Judge Clifton Newman said. “That’s the essence of the case.”

Slager also faces a federal trial, which is scheduled for next year.

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Gambia’s President Concedes Election Defeat After 22 Years of Rule

iStock/Thinkstock(BANJUL, Gambia) — Gambia’s authoritarian president of 22 years is stepping down after a shock election defeat.

In a concession speech on state TV Friday, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh accepted his loss to property developer Adama Barrow and said he would “help him work towards the transition,” according to BBC.

Human rights groups have criticized Jammeh for restricting freedom of the press, his calls for anti-gay violence, and for claiming he could cure HIV/AIDS and infertility.

Hundreds of Barrow’s supporters took to the streets in Gambia, that has a population of about 2 million, to celebrate the election results, BBC reports.

The president-elect promised voters he would revive Gambia’s struggling economy and would impose a presidential term limit, according to BBC.

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Trump Speaks with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen, Breaking Policy

JOE RAEDLE/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — President-elect Donald Trump spoke with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen by phone on Friday, according to the Trump transition team, breaking with decades of delicate U.S. policy on China.

Friday night, Trump issued two tweets defending the move, which may cause tensions with China.





Since 1979, a phone call between a U.S. president-elect and a Taiwanese leader has never been publicly reported, according to Center for Strategic and International Studies China expert Bonnie Glaser.

During the conversation, the Taiwanese president offered her congratulations and Trump offered the same to her for her election victory this year, according to a Trump team press release. They discussed the “close economic, political, and security ties between Taiwan and the United States,” the Trump transition team said.

That the conversation took place at all is “highly unusual” and “significant,” said Dr. Claude Rakisits, of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, an expert in U.S.-South Asian affairs.

“The fact that Trump actually spoke with Taiwan [president] would irritate the communist leaders in China, in Beijing, because they would wonder, ‘Is this an indication of the sort of relationship that one could expect between the U.S. and China during his presidency?'”

Taiwan’s status has been a sensitive topic in the United States’ relationship with China. The U.S. has maintained a “one China” policy since establishing diplomatic relations with Beijing in 1979, meaning that it has not recognized Taiwan as its own country, but rather as a part of China.

But the U.S. does maintain a “robust unofficial relationship” with Taiwan and commits to defending it in the event of a Chinese attack.

Since it split from the Chinese mainland in a 1949 civil war, Taiwan has maintained that it is an independent nation, despite China’s and the United States’ denial of this claim, and has seen a growing body of support among Taiwanese youth.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council said there is “no change to our longstanding policy on cross-Strait issues. We remain firmly committed to our ‘one China’ policy based on the three Joint Communiques and the Taiwan Relations Act.”

“I’ve lived with this policy area my entire adult life and I’ve lived with the arguments around this for more than 25 years. To me, I am thrilled that this call took place,” a former Republican White House national security official told ABC News. “It will upset an apple cart that has needed upsetting for a long time.”

“No one should be telling the U.S. president who he can and cannot talk to,” the official said. “Especially if a very powerful competitor in the world is saying there’s a risk of conflict over this territory, it’s even more important for our leader to have communication with that leader.”

In the past, Trump has voiced support for a weapons deal with Taiwan, advocating a tough stance against China.



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Colombia Plane Crash: Moments After Rescue, Survivor Cried Out for His Crew

RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/Getty Images(MEDELLIN, Colombia) — As Colombian plane crash survivor Erwin Tumiri heads home to Bolivia, dramatic new video from local police shows the moments after he was pulled from the wreckage.

Clad in a yellow police jacket, Tumiri – one of just six people who survived the plane crash that killed 71 in Medellin on Monday – sobbed in Spanish for “my crew.”

“Calm down, don’t worry, we are here to help you, and your friends also,” a first responder replies in Spanish.

A clearly stunned Tumiri tells the responder his spine and arms hurt, then cries out two names.

“Don’t scream technician, calm down,” the responder says. “Don’t wear yourself down, technician, don’t wear yourself down.”

Shortly after the crash, Tumiri, a flight engineer, reportedly told media outlets that he survived by curling up in the fetal position with a bag between his knees as the jet careened toward the mountainside.

“I put the bags in between my legs to form the fetal position that is recommended in accidents,” he told Fox Sports Argentina in Spanish. “During the situation, many stood up from their seats, and they started to shout.”

He and one other crew member, flight attendant Ximena Suárez, survived, as did four passengers on board: a journalist and three members of the Chapecoense soccer team. The team’s goalie has already had one leg amputated; the other survivors remain hospitalized.

The charter plane, which apparently suffered an electrical failure, ran out of fuel before it slammed into the side of a mountain not far from the airport, authorities said.

A government official confirms to ABC News that the jet was supposed to refuel en route to Medellin. The pilot chose not to, the official said.

The flight’s operator, LAMIA, has had its permits and certifications suspended, the Bolivia Civil Aviation Authority told ABC News.

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Meet Sasha, Your Magic104.9 Pet of The Week!

Find Sashsasha-31132123a at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla, 3551 Bataan Memorial West. Open Monday through Friday Noon – 6pm and Weekends Noon to 5pm. Once a stray, Sasha found a loving home where she lived for 12 years until her family had to give her to the ASCMV in March due to personal health issues. It’s been 8 months, but she knows her new family is coming any day now. She is still as lively and curious as a kitten, and makes friends with children, cats and even dogs. We know you’re already in love, so come visit her today! read more…

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  1. “Closer” by The Chain Smokers feat. Halsey
  2. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots
  3. “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes
  4. “Don’t Wanna Know” by Maroon 5
  5. “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars

Meet Abby, Your Magic104.9 Pet of The Week!


Find Abby at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla, 3551 Bataan Memorial West. Open Monday through Friday Noon – 6pm and Weekends Noon to 5pm.  This Wednesday marks her one-year anniversary living at the shelter, but she’s keeping her hopes up that a caring person will take her home to share Thanksgiving. She’s willing to waitfor that perfect home until Black Friday, when heradoption fee will be waived along with all other blackanimals. Why not come meet her today? read more…

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  1. “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes
  2. “Closer” by The Chain Smokers feat. Halsey
  3. “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors
  4. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots
  5. “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars

Meet Kado, Your Magic104.9 Pet of The Week!

Find kadoKado at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla, 3551 Bataan Memorial West. Open Monday through Friday Noon – 6pm and Weekends Noon to 5pm. This bat-eared little cutie is Kado! He’s been at the shelter
for nearly a year. He may be a little shy and tentative, but
all he wants is a kind-hearted person to show him what it’s
like to have a home. We know you fell in love with him as
soon as you saw him, so come to the ASCMV and meet
him today! read more…

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  1. “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes
  2. “Closer” by The Chain Smokers feat. Halsey
  3. “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors
  4. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots
  5. “Send My Love” by Adele

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